How can I help you? (xxshadowed) wrote in adorkablechicks,
How can I help you?

*Your opinions on :* and why
school: Its fun, hanging out with friends and all that stuff. But like the actual SCHOOL part sucks. Its OKAY sometimes but it sucks the other times
elitists: *stab* *stab*
boys: Great!...sometimes :/friends Sometimes they let you down but other times..they're sweet, kinda, and nice. Well, my bf is anyway.
friends: a breif short Paragraph..sorry impossible but 3 words to describe them...AWSOME, FANTASTICAL, THEBESTEVER!!!
music: I like music like SIMPLE PLAN..but seriously, I'll probably listen to anything I like on the radio.
teenage relationships: Over-rated. People think its something to look forward to. heh. Stupid

*Your favorite*
food: Mint Choco. Chip Ice Cream and Pizza
band[s]: SIMPLE PLAN!! Just to name one.
movie[s]: CHICAGO!!! OH YEA! I was obsessed. And Mabye Finding Nemo. Good Movies oh yea!

*Random questions*
Do you like the "OC"?: uhh...yea..for like the two episodes I have watched.
Who is your favorite character?: dont have one
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