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Am I adorkablechicks worthy?

Name: Becca Boo [my grandma calls me that all the time. I just love it]
Age: I’ll only put mentally… which is 8 or 5… depending if I have had candy. But I am older then.... 10! SO HA!!!!!!
Location: Germantown, MD
*Your opinions on :*and why
school: School is only a place to see what little friend you have. And it still might be a crapshoot day.
elitists: evilness, not gonna go away anytime soon ;-;
boys: EW! They have cooties!!!!!!! Boys are very icky. It is defiantly better to be friend with them. Getting close and then ripping away is just so… what’s the word…? poopy. Yes very mature of me.
friends: Don’t have to many of em but they are close, like nora and samina because i love them just to damn much. I thought I had a lot of guy friends but now they turned on me. Meh –shrugs- Friend can be so evil T~T
music: Um… I like SOME rap. And as my mom puts it ‘angry music’ Music can be a good stress reliever.
teenage relationships: I have had…. 3 -.- but they were just jokes among the guys, that’s how they turned against me! I’ll get them back some how… I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!!
*Your favorite*
food: Baloney and grilled cheese sandwich swimming in ketchup and sushi on the side
band[s]: Evanescence, Talking heads, Cake, Offspring, The Vines, Snuff, Screeching Weasel, Lagwagon, No use for a name, Tilt and um… everything in between. But no GC or simple plan… oh god no. Ok if you listen to Dc 101 then you know what I like. There. I put to much. FORGIVE ME!
movie[s]: The last unicorn, Reign of Fire, Spinderman, um… so many to name. I like a lot of action. Not to many chick flicks. And not to much horror. I’m a chicken so… BAGOK!

*Random questions*
Do you like the "OC"?: Never seen it…
Who is your favorite character?: --
Hm…. Inuyasha, Sesshomaru, Vash, Zim, Gir, and Bender. BWAH.

<3 Sharpie love to all
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