Girl most likely to... (noncinderella) wrote in adorkablechicks,
Girl most likely to...

Name Ashleigh
Age 15
Location My father's house
*Your opinions on :*and why
school is a bore when you're stuck indoors. Make it fun, put it out in the sun. (I <3 Saved By the Bell)
boys are fun. Except when they're whores. And they all, in reality, they suck.
friends I like having friends. They provide entertainment and often times a good soldier to lean on. I wrote soldier. I meant shoulder.
music is fucking awesome. All of it. And it's unnecessary to judje anyone on their music. Id you do, you fucking suck.
teenage relationships are a good thing, in most cases. Too complicated for me and I don't think they're worth all the drama. But, it the right situations, they can really help people out.
*Your favorite*
food Mashed potatos
band[s] Ben Kweller (does he count? Cause he's not a band...if not, I'll change it)
movie[s] Any Hitchcock movie
*Random questions*
Do you like the "OC"? It's all right
Who is your favorite character? Oliver...because he was on Dawson's Creek and was hardcore on that show. I think he's going to kill himself though. Parisa, if you know, tell me.
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