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Name: Samina
Age: 12. 13 in 5 months
Location: Germantown, MD
*Your opinions on :*and why
school: My friends are always there. I'm always there. I can't tell if I am actually learning anything though, well. except for spanish. I know when I am learning something there.
elitists: They suck. *die die die*
boys: Yes yes yes! hahahaha
friends: They are the absolute key to life!
music: I don't really listen to music that much. I'm not a freak of mucic. But I'll listen to some good music now and then.
teenage relationships: I don't have an opinion on this. Unless you're talking about those people who are oh-so young and think dating is everything.
*Your favorite*
food: FISH STICKS! haha and ice-cream, cookie dough ice-cream to be exact.
band[s]: I don't really listen to music that much. Hmm..I have no idea...
movie[s]: I have a lot of favorite movies. Remember the Titans was good..I don't really remember names..Oh, there was this russain movie i was watching. I sorta made the story along for the pictures (don't ask)
*Random questions*
Do you like the "OC"?: I've never watched it before
Who is your favorite character?: ...
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